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Confidentiality is at the forefront of everything we do, however we are super proud to have won being on the PSL’s with some large, corporate organisations. We also work with local authorities as well as many growing SME’s across the region. They all rely on TalentHQ Recruitment to help them grow! One of our proudest accolades is the fact that TalentHQ Recruitment have retained nearly 100% of our clients from the day we launched in 2012.

Emma Brindle recruitment consultant Hertfordshire

"Our clients know they can really rely upon TalentHQ Recruitment to deliver the best local ‘talent’ for their team. So, if you’re really keen to add the best ‘talent’ to your team. Relax! Please just give TalentHQ Recruitment a call and let us really get to know your business and we’ll do the rest!"
Emma Brindle  |  Founder  |  TalentHQ Recruitment

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"Emma gave me plenty of prep before the interview. We went through practise questions and she quizzed me on the company. Due to the support I received, rather than being a daunting experience as most interviews are, I felt confident in my capabilities. I was able to sell myself and show the company what I am about."
Ms Ockenden  |  Customer Services Manager  |  London

"Since moving to Hertfordshire I didn’t have much luck with jobs or interviews then I found TalentHQ and their friendly, hard working team was dedicated to helping me find a job. Within a few weeks I had the job I wanted and more! Thanks TalentHQ for all your hard work. Couldn’t have got where I am without you."
Jason  |  Sales Manager  |  Potters Bar

Finding ‘the right talent, the right job’, exceeding the needs of employers and candidates since 2012!

Finding ‘the right talent, the right job’, exceeding the needs of employers and candidates since 2012!